Valentines Day reminder- Presents vs. Presence

As Valentines day quickly approaches, there can be an increase in anxiety. I have heard many talk about the pressure that they feel to “do Valentines Day right”. One woman I knew said that the MINIMUM effort she expected was dinner, flowers, chocolate and a gift. That was break even! That’s rough! Is rough because… Continue reading Valentines Day reminder- Presents vs. Presence

How to Be a Hero

Last night we watched a fantastic movie called Finding Joe.  It is inspired by the lifetime work of Joseph Cambell.  Campbell was a Mythologist and prolific author and teacher who was known for the message “Follow your bliss. ” Yesterday was also Father’s Day.  One of the most common phrases heard on Fathers Day is… Continue reading How to Be a Hero

The Heart of the Matter in The Belly of the Beast

Had two amazing experiences the last two weekends that I have to share. The first weekend was a Men’s Initiation in Northern California.  Twenty five men came from all over the country to a training at a beautiful location up on a mountain.  The views were stunning.  The training tested us.  We lifted logs, bruised… Continue reading The Heart of the Matter in The Belly of the Beast

Life Leaders Forum Panel – “Practice”

Great discussion in Nyack last night on the “Art of Practice”.  Had such a diverse panel, and so many passionate voices that it made for yet another truly magical eventing in this series.  There were a variety of practices represented on the panel, from Martial Arts to Tango to Meditation to Acupuncture to Yoga.  And… Continue reading Life Leaders Forum Panel – “Practice”

How to say No in Giraffe

Last week we were wrapping up an amazing panel discussion called Evoking the Goddess. I was the moderator and after a steady start the panel really came alive, with heart felt testimony and inspiring stories. The audience was leaning forward with good questions and insights, really adding to the inspired energy in the room. We… Continue reading How to say No in Giraffe

Absorbing your shadow

Was given the book by Robert Bly called A Little Book on the Human Shadow.  He talks about people who have done work with their shadow and absorbed it back into themselves having a certain kind of humor.  “Lincoln had it.  Someone asked Lincoln if he would find him a good government job, and Lincoln… Continue reading Absorbing your shadow