How to say No in Giraffe

Last week we were wrapping up an amazing panel discussion called Evoking the Goddess. I was the moderator and after a steady start the panel really came alive, with heart felt testimony and inspiring stories. The audience was leaning forward with good questions and insights, really adding to the inspired energy in the room. We… Continue reading How to say No in Giraffe

Healing vs. Curing

Here is my mentor Tom Monte’s explanation of the difference between Healing and Curing: HEALING VERSUS CURING There is a fundamental difference between curing, which is the work done by medical doctors, and healing, done primarily by practitioners of complementary medicine. Medical doctors discover the presence of disease by detecting the presence of certain signs… Continue reading Healing vs. Curing

Lessons from the Masters

John Wooden passed away this week at age 99.  When reporters talked to former players of the greatest college basketball coach of all time, you could feel how much more to them he was than a coach.  He was a teacher of some of life’s deepest and most important lessons. I was lucky enough to… Continue reading Lessons from the Masters

Absorbing your shadow

Was given the book by Robert Bly called A Little Book on the Human Shadow.  He talks about people who have done work with their shadow and absorbed it back into themselves having a certain kind of humor.  “Lincoln had it.  Someone asked Lincoln if he would find him a good government job, and Lincoln… Continue reading Absorbing your shadow


When looking at an arising situation in our lives, it is easy to label it a problem,  conflict, or dispute.  Doing this automatically brings negative energy to the situation and reduces the chances of a good outcome.  When we do this we usually put ourselves as the good guy and the “other” as the bad… Continue reading Coyote