Who I work with

While I’m confident I can help just about anyone improve their health, reignite a career or transform their relationships, there is specific type of person I really love working with. Allow me to share a little about who I work with and perhaps you’ll see yourself here:

My clients are successful people who are willing to rise to the challenge.

The distinction is this: There is a type of person who has accepted a life of mediocrity and there is type of person that feels successful in some areas of life, but is wanting something more. What’s worked for them in the past to overcome adversity is no longer working. The people I work with best are in the latter camp.

My clients are passionate, caring people.

They take extreme pride and care in their work, their family life and their relationships. Whether they are a business owner, running a department within an organization or free agent, being in control of their life is very important to them. Yet a specific situation in their life has left them feeling just the opposite and they want to do something about it.

My clients are aware that their choices are affecting their quality of life.

What worked for them in their 20s and 30s – their food choices, their work style and their relationship patterns – is no longer working and, unfortunately, now creating undue stress, health issues and frequent energy drops that are affecting their ability to be their best. They realize that they can no longer maintain this lifestyle and still function at a high level.

My clients are ready to take charge of their life.

They show up for their sessions on time, eagerly experiment with my recommendations and are ready, willing and able to move forward with their goals.

My clients are able to open up and allow me to help.

While they may be challenged by life circumstances, they are able to be open with me and be imaginative, which is all I need in order to be able to create phenomenal results.

My clients want to live life their way.

Yet they feel held back by the limitations of their health, their relationships or their career. They realize they need to refuel and refresh their mind, body and soul so they can restore their strength and energy to access the courage to pursue their dreams and lead an authentic life.

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