Valentines Day reminder- Presents vs. Presence

As Valentines day quickly approaches, there can be an increase in anxiety. I have heard many talk about the pressure that they feel to “do Valentines Day right”. One woman I knew said that the MINIMUM effort she expected was dinner, flowers, chocolate and a gift. That was break even! That’s rough!

Is rough because the expectation has taken one of the main ingredients out of the process and that is the THOUGHT. It’s the thought that counts has become a cliche because…..its true! It is the thought that counts.

I would even go one further. That the single most important thing on Valentines Day has nothing to do at all with presents. I has everything to do with Presence. Presence in an extra long hug. Presence in long, relaxed, loving eye contact. Presence in really mindful gestures of service like making a ceremony out of presenting your partners morning tea or coffee to them. Presence in listening without distraction.

The experience of exchanging Presence with your loved one might be so enjoyable and satisfying that you’ll decide to make it an everyday practice.

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