Life Leaders Forum Panel – “Practice”

Great discussion in Nyack last night on the “Art of Practice”.  Had such a diverse panel, and so many passionate voices that it made for yet another truly magical eventing in this series.  There were a variety of practices represented on the panel, from Martial Arts to Tango to Meditation to Acupuncture to Yoga.  And each of the panelist also had a deeper practice that extended from their primary one.  Things like receptivity, breathing, kindness, clearing the bodily field, and perhaps the most agreed upon practice of the night “the practice of showing up”.

While we delved into them, many other practices found their way into the conversation. Truth telling practice, mindfulness practice, even the practice of being courteous unleashed strong passions and perspectives.

On of the hallmark of these evenings is where the energy in the room travels.  It seems like although each topic draws its own unique collection of kindred souls, the very intention of getting together for spirited and COMPASSIONATE sharing of perspectives creates a similar energy wave.  The energy gently rolls over the two hours.  At the start, the panelists and audience/circle find their space in the beautiful setting at 42 Main, a kind of curious buzzing about as the set up takes place.  Then we all sit in a circle and I can feel all of us utter a quiet “what is this, what exactly is going to happen here?”  When the panelists begin telling their stories of who they are and how they came to be in this place at this time, it starts.  Hearts open, connections strengthen. Invisible strings extend until everyone in the room has said or heard something that bonds them with everyone else.  It is amazing.  After last nights gathering, most everyone continued the exchange around a bowl of delicious kale chips (thank you, Raw Julia), still enjoying collective energy.

Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to the Panelists:
Andrea Maxine Frade: yoga teacher, storyteller, writer

Victor Gagliardi: owner, Gagliardi studio and gallery

Raw Julia: raw food expert and meditator, Lift Wellness

Lao Shir-Cindy Ming: senior student/head instructor of Cynthia Ming’s Tai Chi Fitness

Dr. Naomi Pelzig, M.D.: Nyack Integrated Health

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