2012- Time for the Shift

I love the fact that 2012 is here. We can talk about this great opportunity for a shift in consciousness without people saying “2012 is just an arbitrary year on the calendar.” Because now we have the foolproof answer to that line of thinking. I have been responding with “OK, maybe, but its THIS Year!”

This is the time for the Shift.

I feel it all around. National politics is begging for a mass wake up call. Old ways of doing things are moving from simply ineffective to glaringly ridiculous. There is no believable media to tell us how we should think anymore.

And there is a guy in Denver who is “not supposed” to be an NFL quarterback, making even marginal football fans jump out of their seats with amazement.
Tebow is manifesting wins right before our eyes. He is helping shift our idea of what is possible. He has a grand stage, and some really powerful allies. But basically what we are seeing is his belief played out in action.

Is this the year of the Shift? We get to either believe it or not.

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